SKYPE  Telephony – A free “Voice Over Internet Protocols”  software package

This will be a “hands-on” course or workshop for those of us who are interested in using our computer and our internet connection to make phone calls to other computer users.  

The basic version of SKYPE will allow you to talk for free to any other SKYPE user. You can have face to face contact with your relatives, or you can just use the voice contact and no live “pictures”. With the face to face type, you need  a “faster” computer. But the needs will be covered in the introduction.

George Bowden, will be guiding you through the various steps of its use.

The cost of the workshop course is expected to be about $20 per two hour session for members.

Each session would answer the following questions:

1. What is Voip?

2. Why will Skype to Skype calls always be free?

3. What hardware do I need to use Skype?

4. How do I install Skype?

5. How do I test to make sure that Skype audio is working ?

6. How do I test to make sure that Skype video is working?

7. How do I make a Skype to Skype call?

8. How do I make a Skype to telephone call?

9. How much does it cost to make a long distance call to someone’s telephone using Skype?

10. How do I search for someone so that I can add them to my contact list?

11. How do I change my status so those on my contact list know I’m not at my computer?

12. How do I start a chat session with someone on my contact list?

13. I’ve decided I no longer wish to use Skype. How do I uninstall it?