The  computer club is a place for members to socialize, to get and give help, and to take and teach classes, both online and in-person.   Classes and in-person help dates are listed in our calendar.  Groups include Apple Group, Photography Group, and the Everything Else Group.

We support Windows, Android, Chromebook, and Apple users.

Neither the Victoria Computer Club nor its volunteers are liable for any losses incured through use of the club services.

Membership Dues
You must be a paid-up member to participate in any activities.  Payments for membership dues are made annually.  A refund can be requested within the first 30 days of joining and we will offer a full refund. But if you have received a one-on-one consultation, we cannot offer a refund. Fees will be refunded within 14 days from the date of request.

A) Cafeteria Socials follow Silver Threads requirements, so currently have no drop-in fee, masking, or vaccination requirements, depending on Silver Threads.  Pre-register and then check in at the front desk on arrival.

B) In-person attendees for a class or for One-on-one help must

  • be pre-registered for their one-on-one help session, or for their class session
  • be masked if asked, fully vaccinated, and check in at the front desk
  • Pay a $2 fee at the front desk if a Silver Threads member, or $5 if not

Some members offer in-home services. They do so without representing the computer club, or Silver Threads, and neither the computer club nor Silver Threads takes any responsibility for them or their work.  Expect to pay hourly fees determined by the helper,  to the  helper  directly, not to the club or to Silver Threads.

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    As I’ve asked… availability?

  2. android 8 tablet courses says:

    I’ve been looking for some expertise advice& training on the operation of a lenovo 8in. Tablet. Members of our club mentioned u folks. Cheers. Harold.

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