Receipt for membership fees

Thank you [userinfo field=”first_name”]  [/userinfo] [userinfo field=”last_name”] [/userinfo] for paying your membership in the Victoria Computer Club.  We received payment by [userinfo field=”mbr_payment_method”]  [/userinfo].

Please keep up with the club events through the calendar on the club website.

Shortly you will receive a new membership card.  Please explore your profile by  logging in here.   New members were emailed their passwords.  Renewing members can get the Member in Charge to reset their password, or can do it themselves using their email.

To renew again, please bring a cheque or cash to the clubhouse, or pay by credit card at the paypal page.  Only members sharing an address with an Adult member can pay the Associate rate.  To use the Student rate, you must show a current student card at the clubhouse.