Photograpy Basics

Photography – Digital Camera Basics
Instructor — Ken Beattie

  • Learn the secrets of your camera
  • How to take pictures like a Pro
  • Edit your photos to enhance the WOW factor
  • Tips and tricks of an award winning Photographer

Where: The Victoria Computer Club clubhouse

Course Outline:

  • Photography – How It Works
  • Camera Features
  • Buying Or Evaluation Did You Get What You Paid For?
  • Taking Great Pictures – Composition
  • Technical Considerations
  • Photoshoot How To
  • Editing Images
  • Printing
  • Sharing Your Creations
  • Critique
  • Review And Wrap Up
  • Course Evaluation By Students

Required: Digital camera and it’s manual

Maximum 12 students. Computers are not essential to this course.

It would facilitate the on-time start-up if as many as possible course fees were to be paid in advance. The sign-up sheet is in the sign-in book at the MIC’s station.

About Ken Beattie: Ken is an award-winning photographer who continues developing his photo expertise exploring the techniques of digital artistry. Creations range from high quality photos, painting with light, to blends of reality and fantasy.

He currently leads the Digital Camera Special Interest Group at Big Blue and Cousins (BB&C) Computer Club. He organizes and directs photoshoots held throughout the year, some in very unusual locations. He teaches Basic and Advanced Digital Photography courses plus Care and Cleaning of Digital Cameras.

Ken got his photographic start in a make shift darkroom in a basement fruit cellar. Later, he decided that taking the pictures was more his focus. However the techniques learned gave him full processing understanding and how to make the best use of digital options.

Ken may be contacted at: artistic

Phone: 250-479-7774