End of XP – What do I do?

Apr 16 2014 Notes from Monthly Meeting, the end of XP, Vista, etc.

 April 16th Monthly Meeting Presentation Notes

Presentation Slides:
End of an era:  The end of support for Windows XP and MS Office 2003
Here is the link to the PDF of this morning’s presentation:

The SecurityNow videos can be seen at:
http://twit.tv/show/security-now/446  at 53 minutes in.
http://twit.tv/show/security-now/445  at 1:16:45 minutes in.

Creating a second user account in windows 7:
Choose “My computer is in a workgroup.”

  • Follow the video, except create Molly with administration priveledges, with a difficult password, call the user MollyAdmin, i.e. YourNameAdmin
  • Then Log off your old (Charlene) admin account, log on to the new MollyAdmin account.
  • Go to Control settings -> user accounts -> manage another account, select (Charlene) and change its type to Standard User
  • Logoff, and log onto Charlene for normal use.

Two browsers are better than one

Look for videos on setting up a second browser with higher security settings and how to make it your default browser.  Use the weaker browser by default.

Anti Virus Suites

Here is a link to an independent tester of anti-virus suites:
Bit defender and Kapersky are pretty good.

George Bowden