Join or Renew

To attend Computer Club events you must be a member of the Victoria Computer Club.  Join us.  New Computer Club members get their first month’s computer club membership for free – attend your favourite club course or try them all. (Silver Threads drop-in fees still apply.)

Memberships are $25 per person.  Memberships last 365 days from the anniversary of joining, (395 days the first year.) Attendance fees also apply for Monday and Thursday sessions, as set by Silver Threads Service.  For those, see

Join at the Saanich Silver Threads Center, 286 Hampton Road.

You can renew membership in the Victoria Computer Club by cheque or cash, or simply filling out the paypal/credit card membership payment form.  You should check that we have the correct contact information for you on your user account, using the member name and password given to you when you joined.


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