Victoria Computer Club Clubhouse

85A Burnside Rd W Victoria BC V9A 1B6 Canada

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Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday:
Noon – 4pm, except on holidays

Barkley Cox
Clubhouse Director

We hold executive, newsletter and other meetings in the clubhouse as well as courses. The clubhouse is closed to casual visitors during these times. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are normally open to any member.

bbc_clubhouse_april1109_a_sm bbc_clubhouse_april1109_b_sm
Views of our computer lab. Our servers and library are in the next room.

Membership Director

Iain Fletcher


MIC Coordinator
Barkley Cox

Volunteer members act as Member-In-Charge (MIC) for scheduled club Social Activities, ie they unlock the door, and put on the coffee. With time, they learn to renew memberships, enroll students, etc.

Members who wish to volunteer for MIC duties, please contact our MIC Coordinator to volunteer your services.