Summer photoshoots June 7th, June 11th and June 25

Summer is here so the club photoshoots are becoming more frequent.

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Setting up sound and Cortana

First, learn to search for solutions to your sound problems.  Google Dell 530 audio jacks


5 line-in connector Use the blue line-in connector to attach a record/playback device such as a cassette player, CD player, or VCR.
On computers with a sound card, use the connector on the card.
6 front L/R line-out connector Use the green line-out connector (available on computers with integrated sound) to attach headphones and most speakers with integrated amplifiers.
On computers with a sound card, use the connector on the card.
7 microphone connector Use the pink connector to attach a personal computer microphone for voice or musical input into a sound or telephony program.
On computers with a sound card, the microphone connector is on the card.

Google audio plugs wiki


Go to and search for “audio issues with windows 10”

Click on the videos tab to see the videos.  If your speakers are not working, a video is useless. But the video below provides a textual explanation below the video player.

Having audio issues with Windows 10? The fix is just a few clicks away

Having confirmed your audio equipment, now move on to setting up Cortana

Here is the link to a good video about the need to set up the language packs

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Make Windows Live Mail your default email program.

At the Seniors SIG May 16th I quickly showed how to make Windows Live Mail the default email client.  This video shows the steps, but makes Thunderbird the default email client. Where the presenter chooses Thunderbird, substitute Windows Live Mail from the drop down list.

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Learn Photo management with Rick at the Seniors SIG

19-DSCF5078Here are the notes from Rick’s photo management workshops in the Seniors SIG:

Monday May 9th File management with a focus on Photo management

Monday May 2nd : Manipulation and Management, The art of photo domination

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Are you interested in attending the Genealogy SIG?

treeGenealogy is the study of your family tree, i.e history on a personal scale. It helps satisfy a deep need to understand how we fit into the broader world around us. For those unfamiliar with genealogy, here is a good summary of its benefits to you.

The Genealogy group at the Victoria Computer Club has been fortunate to have excellent teachers, but attendance has waned recently.  Murray Strome (  has a few questions for those interested: Continue reading

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Greater Victoria Public Library Presentation May 24th

GVPL-LogoHere is the link to eResources A-Z that Kate and Melissa talked about today, May 24th.  You will notice that Yowza is a service still to be developed <grin>.

Feedback from the audience:

Compare that to

The Greater Victoria Public Library is one of Canada’s most-used and well-loved library systems. Kate Rutherford will talk about all the wonderful resources you have at your fingertips with your library card. Learn about what GVPL lends (books, magazines, DVDs/blu-rays, cd’s — even museum, art gallery and recreation centre passes) and what digital services you get access to (free ebooks, online newspapers/magazines, streaming movies, downloadable audiobooks and more). Continue reading

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Retrieving files from a backup

don-t-panic-buttonRecently I used Macrium Reflect, free edition, to back-up a member’s whole computer before upgrading it to Windows 10 with a fresh install.  After a couple of weeks, the member could not find his photos on the new Windows.  So I used Macrium Reflect to recover the lost files.

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Top Ten Scams of 2016, presented at 2pm Tuesday April 26th

bbbEach week we hear from members phoned by scammers trying to rip them off.  Instead, come out to April’s monthly presentation, and learn from BBB expert Rosalind Scott how to Protect Yourself from the Top Ten Scams, Frauds and Things to Watch For in 2016, Rosalind is President and CEO of the Vancouver Island Better Business Bureau. The list includes the most reported scams and suspicious activities of 2015, as well as consumer tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud.

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Virtual Technology Conference for PC and Chromebook!! Users

APCUG_VTC-AVO-may-07FREE 2016 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC)
Saturday, May 7
1:00 pm5:00 pm Eastern time
Attend the FREE conference from the convenience of your own home! All you need is your computer, tablet, etc. and Internet access. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A; the questions are answered by the presenter at the end of the presentation or via e-mail if there isn’t enough time after the presentation.
APCUG uses ZOOM for the VTC webinar presentations ( If you have not participated in a VTC, go to  to download the app for the device you will be using to ‘attend’ the conference.

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Windows 10 Features Class

Window10FeaturesHere are the slide contents from the Windows 10 Features Class given April 15th.

Windows 10 is an Operating System for computers, tablets, Xbox game consoles and phones, all running Windows with a similar user interface.
Phones and tablets, being touch sensitive, require icons the size of at least your fingertip. Touch sensitive screens on PCs can take advantage of these changes in Windows. Continue reading

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