Beyond the Basics SIG

Tuesday mornings with Martin & Faith at 10am – 12pm except for the 2nd Tuesday of each month (Genealogy SIG). Watch the calendar for details.

Carries on where John Carruthers seniors SIG ends. Windows based. All members welcome. No charge.

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Windows 10

Tech-Preview_Start-menu-1940x1090Note Changes
It has been decided that the Windows 8.1 Classes will be discontinued at this time. Because of imminent release of Windows 10  we will be offering Windows 10 classes when this operating system becomes available.

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Monthly Presentation: Password Managers, and Apple’s cloud

password-397652_640Wednesday, April 15th, 2pm
Managing your passwords becomes critical, as you collect more and more of them over time.  Whether using just one device, or smart phones, tablets and  cloud storage, understanding good security practices is essential to protecting your credit cards, bank accounts and other assets.

Chris Gillen, co-founder of Dial-a-Geek, explains Password Managers, and continues our review of cloud services by covering Apple’s cloud for mobile devices.

Lunch  is at 1 pm at the Gorge Vale Golf Course, $14 for soup, sandwiches, coffee, including tax and tip.

Presentation is at 2pm

 Please click and  RSVP now.   Attendee count is sent to the venue Monday.  The club pays for that count whether or not all show up.

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Computer User Virtual Conference

apcugScreenAPCUG’s FREE 2015 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) will be held on Saturday, May 2, from 1:00 pm5:00 pm Eastern Time. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window. Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung!

daffodillsFirst, I would like to welcome all new members who have joined The Victoria Computer Club (BB&C)in the last few months.  We hope you will make new friends, learn a great deal and volunteer if you can.  Our motto is ” Users helping users”.

We have made a few changes around the premises. Continue reading

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What “computer” should you buy?

Talking to a senior today about her next computer purchase made me think about the options facing any senior.  And by computer, I mean phone, tablet and laptops of all sizes.

Can the choice be made through answers to a series of questions? e.g.:

Are you already a computer or smart-phone user?  Will you resist replacing mice and keyboards with touch screens and voice input?  Or are you starting fresh?

  • What info (calendar, contacts) have you decided to share across devices (phone and laptop) and in what universe (Apple vs Google vs Microsoft) is that info today?  For instance, is your email in Google, and your contacts on your iPhone?
  • How is your eyesight, mobility, and patience?
  • What are your “Must-have” programs, be they editors, games, Skype, email, ebook readers, or photo editors
  • What are your printing needs
  • Where will you need to be able to get help
  • and not least, what are your budget limits

In deriving a choice, weights should be applied to the importance of the answers.  For instance, do you have an absolute limit to the cost, or is it a guideline.


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Open House today, Saturday March 21

Get your three free workshop passes by joining as a new member before the end of March. Workshops in photo-editing, WordPress website construction, and Windows 10 starting soon.  And if you like to lead or facilitate groups, we have lots of video training to make leading a class a snap.

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Basic photography course postponed

Ken Beattie has decided to delay the Basic Digital Camera Course in April because not  enough interest was shown.  You can continue to show interest by emailing , and we will let you know when we have enough students.

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Everything digital, anywhere, anytime

digitalglobeDo you want everything digital available anywhere, anytime, on any device?  Will you get that with Microsoft’s or Google’s or Apple’s cloud storage and applications?   Lets discuss this, and the implications, at the monthly presentation, March 18th, 2pm at the clubhouse.  Drop by with your lunch an hour earlier to socialize.

RSVP here, and I will show the count here on the website.  Cut-off is about 25.

Current count: 22 attendees

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Thanks to the volunteers at the Senior Expo 2015

Faith and Martin at the Show

Faith and Martin at the Show

For March, New members get 3 workshops free.

Thanks to:
Joan Greig,
Martin Brooks,
Julia Wren,
Sharon Duncan, Faith Shannon,
Mary Davie and George Bowden for helping out at the Senior Expo 2015, Tuesday March 10th.  We had a great looking booth.

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