Cyber Security Presentation

Here is the link to our Cyber Security slide show used in Oct 8th’s Zoom presentation.  We will cover the second half of this slide show in November with videos

VPN SMASH is another source of security info for seniors

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October is Cyber Security Month

8 OCT, THU 10 – 11:30am the Victoria Computer Club will host a zoom meeting on Cyber Security. 

October is Cyber Security month, and we will cover

  • how cyber threats work
  • how they affect you
  • how we can protect ourselves
  • how we can work together against these threats.

The zoom meeting link was sent Sept 30th in an email to members from .  New members will be sent the link.

Nav Bassi  gave an excellent presentation last year that is well worth reviewing:

Cybersecurity: This Time It’s Personal

Also, the Government of Canada has a website “Get Cyber Safe” at

Password managers are key to your online security,  and two factor authentication is key too.   A basic understanding of encryption helps.

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Due to COVID-19, Corona Virus, the Clubhouse is Virtual till further notice

Due to COVID-19, our club activities take place outdoors or in Zoom online meetings.  We are using Silver Threads limited openings to teach Zoom to those members unfamiliar with video conferencing.  Refer to our calendar for details.

  • This website contains slide presentations that you may have missed.
  • We will also put up new pages with links to interesting sites.
  • We plan photo shoots outdoors and share the photos via photo albums, which let you add photos and comments.
  • And we deliver classes online using the Zoom video conferencing app.

Home visits to fix computers are still ruled out for now.

If you have questions, please email

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Technology for 55+

We discuss how to effectively and safely use digital technology (smartphones, digital cameras,  tablets and computers) with those 55 and older who join our club. Continue reading

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Message from Judy Taylour, APCUG

Thank you for attending the Summer VTC, we hope you learned something new about the technology you use and information that entices you to try something new. Several are going to give Bitwarden a try and one attendee is going to buy a Chromebook. Another is going to dive into FreeNAS 100% going forward.

Several would like to see Kenneth Tubaugh’s complete presentation on Password Managers featuring Bitwarden. He will be giving a 2-hour Wednesday workshop on the topic and another hands-on workshop with attendees invited to install it on their computers and join him while he sets it up, creates passwords and shows everyone his tips for using the program.

We’ll also be having an officers Wednesday workshop to meet other officers, talk about going forward with our groups via online meetings, talking about hybrid meetings with some members meeting in person and others participating via Zoom at home, etc. User Groups Helping User Groups.

The PDFs of the presentations have been uploaded to; I’ll let you know when the videos are uploaded to APCUG’s YouTube channel.

Answers to the chat box questions will be sent to those who signed into the session.

We hope to see you at the November 7 VTC, annual meeting, and contest winner awards.

As you know, a volunteer’s job is never done

  • September-December = Home Automation Wednesday Workshops
  • September = Contest entries
  • October = Contest judging
  • October = APCUG Director & Advisor 2021 election
  • November = VTC, Annual meeting, etc.
  • November & December = 2021 dues renewal contest
  • Happy holidays and it’s 2021….
  • What other workshops would you like?
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Home Automation, presented by Scott Dyer

Here are the slides of the zoom meeting presentation on Home Automation by Scott Dyer

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July 30 zoom presentation slides on Smartphones 2020

Here is a link to July 30 zoom presentation slides on Smartphones 2020

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Summer Picnic CONFIRMED at Government House. Tuesday, July 28 12 – 3pm

Good news…  Our Summer Picnic is CONFIRMED at Government House. Tuesday, July 28 12 – 3pm.  Because of COVID, you will have to bring your own food, non-alcoholic beverages, and a chair.  Please register with your name and phone number by emailing .  We usually see about a dozen or so members, and we need to track attendance this year.

From Saanichton’s Sea Cider House.

We will spread out in the orchard near the bandstand, where we have met the last few years.   This is an in-person picnic, NOT a Zoom meeting.

Government house has not asked that we wear masks, but you may still want to wear one.  No smoking.

Maybe we will have a mask making workshop… (if so, bring your own scissors).

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Digital Media at the Greater Victoria Public Library

Here is the link to Dorothy’s presentation on Digital Media at the Greater Victoria Public Library  from July 1, 2020


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Photography Group’s Albums

Here are the links to view the photography groups completed albums:

Waterfront      New Growth       Distancing    and  An Empty Victoria in March 2020

Incomplete albums, still open to collaborators are “The Subject is Light” and “Monochrome Assignment”.   To collaborate, send an email to  showing your name and email address. 


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Slides from Zoom meeting on “Alternatives to Zoom”

Here is the link to the presentation, 

There are 27 slides, that cover, in sequence

  1. Google Meet
  2. Facebook Rooms
  3. Jitsi
  4. Skype
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When audio doesn’t work in Zoom

So, you’ve found our zoom meeting, logged in and are seeing the video but sitting in blessed silence. Here’s what to do. NOTE: This cheat sheet assumes that you can hear sound in other applications – if not, you’ve got a problem this instruction sheet doesn’t cover. (Your speakers ARE on and sound isn’t muted, right?)  Click here for the rest of this article (full PDF).

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