Get Your Grandchild Enrolled In PI Camp 2017

Do you want your grandchild to learn:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Pattern recognition
  • Debugging
  • Problem-solving

The goal of Pi Camp, taught by instructors from Victoria PiMakers, is to help teens learn about computers, to help them participate in shaping a digital world. It is a great introductory course for kids who are interested in computers.  The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer, adopted by an eager community of hackers and makers. It powers projects around the world and in space. Since 2012, more than 11 million have been sold. Continue reading

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Using Gmail

Materials for this class

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Computer Checklist

Click to read

Click the picture on the left to open Rick’s updated presentation on Computer Maintenance

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How membership extensions were calculated, and Drop-In fees

The Victoria Computer Club moved to Silver Threads, 286 Hampton Rd, on May 15th 2017.  Because of the new lower club membership fees ($25 per year), regular memberships have been extended based on the remaining equity in the membership.  New membership expiry dates have been entered into the club database.  New club membership cards will be available in a week or two.
Because fees for Associate members remain unchanged at $25, their membership expiry dates have not changed.
Here is how the extension for each member was calculated:
  1. Equity_value = (Old_membership_expiry_date minus Date_of_move) / 365 * $85
  2. Equity_days (at $25 per year) = Equity_value / $25 * 365
  3. New expiry = Date_of_move plus Equity_days.
Drop-in Fees
To cover its costs, Silver Threads charges drop-in fees to attendees of most events in the building.
  • Tuesday and Friday One-on-one Tutorials are free.
  • Monday’s and Thursday’s SIG attendees pay a drop-in charge to Silver Threads at the front desk.
  • We encourage you to purchase a Silver Threads membership to reduce your drop in fee to $1.50 from $4.50  (Punch cards are available.)  One-year Silver Threads memberships cost $50, starting April 1.  Nine month memberships, starting July1 cost $40.  GST is added to these drop-in and membership fees.
  • As members of Silver Threads, you can also attend all Silver Threads activities at both their centres at their member rates.


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Club has moved to Silver Threads

The Victoria Computer Club has moved to Silver Threads, 286 Hampton Road.  Activities are:

  • – Seniors SIG Monday 10am to noon
  • – Tutorials Tuesday 10am to 2pm
  • – All other SIGs Thursdays, 10am to noon, starting in June
  • – Tutorials Friday noon to 3pm

Please bring your laptops as there are a limited number (5) of club desktop computers.

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Microsoft shares details on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Computerworld states that Microsoft announced at its Build developer conference that the next major update to Windows 10, codenamed Redstone 3 and due in September, will be called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Click for more info

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Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries

BBC News – A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) has struck organisations around the world.

Cyber-security firm Avast said it had seen 75,000 cases of the ransomware – known as WannaCry and variants of that name – around the world.

There are reports of infections in 99 countries, including Russia and China.

Among the worst hit was the National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland.

The BBC news understands about 40 NHS organisations and some medical practices were hit, with operations and appointments cancelled.

Click for more info

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Google Docs users hit by phishing scam

Google says it has stopped a phishing email that reached about a million of its users.

The scam claimed to come from Google Docs – a service that allows people to share and edit documents online.

Users who clicked a link and followed instructions, risked giving the hackers access to their email accounts.

Google said it had stopped the attack “within approximately one hour”, including through “removing fake pages and applications”.

For more info:

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FREE May 6 Spring Virtual Tech Conference

Your membership in the Association of PC Users Groups lets you attend the
Virtual Technology Conference May 6th 10am to 2pm.  
A few members can get together and watch the sessions together. Or, members can ‘attend’ different presentations at home in their bathrobes and fuzzy slippers and give reports at their next general meeting. Or, if your group meets on May 6, you might watch live one or more of the presentations for your meeting. The ICON group in Missouri did this for the Winter VTC. The Quad-Cites Computer Society has had Tailgate parties in their meeting room with attendees bringing the refreshments. Of course, groups also use the VTC videos for meeting presentations.
Descriptions and Bios at:

Track 1
Acronis, New Generation – Gene Barlow, UGR Relations
Home Automation – Bill James, Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Tune Up Your Windows PC – Jere Minich, Lake-Sumter Computer Society
Track 2
The GIMP – Dennis Rex, SCALE
Crypto Viruses – Toby Scott, Channel Islands PCUG
Alternative to Closing a Computer Club – Ray Baxter, Payson Area Computer Society
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File & Document Management  –  Quick Primer  

Rick summarizes file management in Windows at the Seniors SIG

The Mouse Continue reading

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