Android SIG

The Android group has a varied range of gadgets, such as Smart Phones, tablets of any brand and anything that works with the Play Store.

We usually have a topic that we have requested that is of interest to us all.  We always go away having learned at least one thing about our devices which is a great learning experience.

If you need help setting up your new device, we are here to help you get there.

Please add topics you want discussed by using the comments on this page.

See you at the next class, on the third Thursday of the month.  But check the calendar first.

4 Responses to Android SIG

  1. Kyle Graham says:

    A passive system to detect falls at home
    Check it out.

  2. John MacGregor says:

    I’ve got the worst cold I’ve ever had, so I won’t attend any club functions till the damn thing is over (assuming I survive 🙂 ). Sorry to miss this event.

  3. Annabelle Schuring says:

    I need to know more about my android tablet,. All the icons, what the do? How to get rid of them?
    Thanks Annabelle

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