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TimeslotTeacherMemberEditMember Comment
Fri Nov 16 12:00PMTeacher 1John O'HaraEdit Check One Drive / Smart phone discussion/ Last Pass: install?
Fri Nov 16 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 16 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 16 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 16 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 16 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 16 02:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 16 02:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 16 02:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Nov 17 09:30AMTeacher 1Rebecca KoolEdit IPad sync with keyboard/TV, Chas please!
Sat Nov 17 09:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Nov 17 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Nov 17 10:30AMTeacher 1janina CrawfordEdit Ipad
Sat Nov 17 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Nov 17 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 20 10:00AMTeacher 1Joan GreigEdit Macrium Reflect
Tue Nov 20 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 20 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 20 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 20 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 20 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 20 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 20 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 20 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 20 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 20 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 20 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 23 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 23 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 23 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 23 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 23 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 23 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 23 02:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 23 02:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 23 02:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Nov 24 09:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Nov 24 09:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Nov 24 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Nov 24 10:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Nov 24 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Nov 24 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 27 10:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 27 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 27 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 27 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 27 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 27 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 27 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 27 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 27 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Nov 27 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Nov 27 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Nov 27 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 30 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 30 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 30 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 30 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 30 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 30 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Fri Nov 30 02:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Fri Nov 30 02:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Fri Nov 30 02:00PMTeacher 3Edit