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TimeslotTeacherMemberEditMember Comment
Sat Jul 14 09:30AMTeacher 1Albert TyndallEdit Computer TLC
Sat Jul 14 09:30AMTeacher 2Ellie dufresneEdit Creating files or folders to record my bills
Sat Jul 14 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 14 10:30AMTeacher 1Dawn and LeonardEdit putting photos from Facebook Messenger on an android smart phone onto a memory stick
Sat Jul 14 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 14 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 17 10:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 17 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 17 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 17 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 17 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 17 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 17 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 17 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 17 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 17 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 17 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 17 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 21 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 21 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 10:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 11:00AMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 12:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 1Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 2Edit
Tue Jul 24 01:00PMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 28 09:30AMTeacher 3Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 1Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 2Edit
Sat Jul 28 10:30AMTeacher 3Edit