To reserve a time for one-on-one help,
choose one empty Member timeslot (only one per day)
and click its Edit link.
In the next form, enter your first name in the Member First Name field,
then click the button named 'Edit Row' .

TimeslotTeacherMemberEditMember Comment
Fri Jan 19 12:00PMTeacher OneDawnEdit
Fri Jan 19 12:00PMTeacher TwoEdit
Fri Jan 19 12:00PMTeacher ThreeEdit
Fri Jan 19 01:00PMTeacher OneEdit
Fri Jan 19 01:00PMTeacher TwoEdit
Fri Jan 19 01:00PMTeacher ThreeEdit
Fri Jan 19 02:00PMTeacher OneEdit
Fri Jan 19 02:00PMTeacher TwoEdit
Fri Jan 19 02:00PMTeacher ThreeEdit
Sat Jan 20 09:30AMTeacher ThreeEdit
Sat Jan 20 09:30AMTeacher TwoEdit
Sat Jan 20 09:30AMTeacher OneEdit
Sat Jan 20 10:30AMTeacher ThreeEdit
Sat Jan 20 10:30AMTeacher TwoEdit
Sat Jan 20 10:30AMTeacher OneEdit
Tue Jan 23 10:00AMTeacher OneEdit
Tue Jan 23 10:00AMTeacher TwoEdit
Tue Jan 23 10:00AMTeacher ThreeEdit
Tue Jan 23 11:00AMTeacher OneEdit
Tue Jan 23 11:00AMTeacher TwoEdit
Tue Jan 23 11:00AMTeacher ThreeEdit
Tue Jan 23 12:00PMTeacher OneEdit
Tue Jan 23 12:00PMTeacher TwoEdit
Tue Jan 23 12:00PMTeacher ThreeEdit
Tue Jan 23 01:00PMTeacher OneEdit
Tue Jan 23 01:00PMTeacher TwoEdit
Tue Jan 23 01:00PMTeacher ThreeEdit