How membership extensions were calculated, and Drop-In fees

The Victoria Computer Club moved to Silver Threads, 286 Hampton Rd, on May 15th 2017.  Because of the new lower club membership fees ($25 per year), regular memberships have been extended based on the remaining equity in the membership.  New membership expiry dates have been entered into the club database.  New club membership cards will be available in a week or two.
Because fees for Associate members remain unchanged at $25, their membership expiry dates have not changed.
Here is how the extension for each member was calculated:
  1. Equity_value = (Old_membership_expiry_date minus Date_of_move) / 365 * $85
  2. Equity_days (at $25 per year) = Equity_value / $25 * 365
  3. New expiry = Date_of_move plus Equity_days.
Drop-in Fees
To cover its costs, Silver Threads charges drop-in fees to attendees of most events in the building.
  • Tuesday and Friday One-on-one Tutorials are free.
  • Monday’s and Thursday’s SIG attendees pay a drop-in charge to Silver Threads at the front desk.
  • We encourage you to purchase a Silver Threads membership to reduce your drop in fee to $1.50 from $4.50  (Punch cards are available.)  One-year Silver Threads memberships cost $50, starting April 1.  Nine month memberships, starting July1 cost $40.  GST is added to these drop-in and membership fees.
  • As members of Silver Threads, you can also attend all Silver Threads activities at both their centres at their member rates.


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